• Image of Animal Dreams Panda, 5" x 5" acrylic on vellum bristol, not framed

From my popular Animal Dreams series, here is my panda. She snoozes comfortably in her bed, bedding coordinated to her mood: tall canes of delicious bamboo, pillow sporting a lovely lotus design. This panda dreams of a new dress; which if you visit my fabric designs (link on my main webpage) you can view the fabric collection designed around this panda! The collection features origami cranes and bamboo stripes. A fun way to complete a young one's room: art plus the fabric to have bedding, curtains, and more sewn up!

I have painted many many animals in their beds. To see more samples, please visit my website to browse. Then feel free to contact me for pricing and availability. Many of my Animal Dreams series have been developed into a fabric collection.

Note: original painting will be signed and dated; it does not include my logo insignia at bottom.
Shipping is included.